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Alexander Technique Myths #4: If I don’t know what I’m doing, I can’t stop it.

It’s time for another Alexander Technique myth (I have a collection*). A hotly debated myth, it goes like this:- “I can’t stop it if I don’t know what I’m doing.” It also appears as “I have to know what I’m

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Alexander Technique Myths Part Two -My Head Will Fall Off!

For the second of my Alexander Technique myths, I want you to imagine a lesson where I am working with a student on letting go of the oh-so-tense muscles in the back of their head and neck.  Imagine that this

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More Oxygen

Most of us don’t consider our intake of oxygen to be an issue.  That is, until we do something like a session on a cross-trainer.  One of these things:- It uses your legs, uses your arms and really pushes your

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Too Many Mince Pies?

Santa Claus eats 91.8 million mince pies every year* (or cookies, or sausages, depending on the country).  Most of us go slightly overboard when it comes to food and drink at this time of year.  Parties.  Dinners.  Family-sized tins of

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Adapting Alexander

I have a confession to make.  Just recently I’ve taken on a smidgen too much.  One result is no blogs, no tweets, no Facebook comments, no knitting – you may have noticed (apart from the knitting).  Words like ‘swamped’ and

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