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What Sort of Alexander Technique Student Are You?

I want to tell you a story about The Sheepish Student and The Industrious Student. Once upon a time there were two students. The first student came to her lesson every week, and when the teacher asked her how she

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Alexander Technique Freebies

Let’s face it, Alexander Technique lessons are a high quality product, and they don’t come cheap. So wouldn’t it be nice if there were a few freebies thrown in as well?  Students often bring this up, indirectly. “How many lessons

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How Not To Overload The Alexander Technique

Last time I talked about the concept of overloading; Alexander ideas are resilient, but sometimes the student is not. Taking on a challenging new idea and immediately trying to use it with a large, difficult and stubborn problem is likely

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How to Overload the Alexander Technique

Do you know that feeling when you have a really important idea that you can not capture in anything shorter than a complete essay. Then you read, quite by accident, something by someone else that sums it up beautifully? My

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How to learn the Alexander Technique? Incrementally.

The other morning I found myself musing on the unlikely topic of cleaning my teeth.  I was actually cleaning my teeth at the time, and, as usual, I was thinking about how I go about the process of brushing my

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More Oxygen

Most of us don’t consider our intake of oxygen to be an issue.  That is, until we do something like a session on a cross-trainer.  One of these things:- It uses your legs, uses your arms and really pushes your

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Even More So

How do you measure progress as a student of the Alexander Technique?   In a previous post I mentioned the moving dot.  But it’s long overdue time for another sort of measurement. So let me unroll a scenario:- A new student

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Can You Really Measure It?

We are rapidly approaching THAT TIME of the year.  Tinsel, mince pies, reviews, new goals.   People think about the next twelve months, what they want to do and be, and how they might get there.   Last January I actually wrote

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Should You Open the Can?

Last week I wrote about relaxation; and why it is such a can of worms I avoid the word like the plague. I got back this from one of my students:(*) I can see why you want to avoid words

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