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How to Learn the Alexander Technique? Contrast and Hone.

My blog today has a culinary theme, or at least a culinary metaphor. It should be pretty clear from my other blogs that the Alexander Technique is all about learning. But people tend to have very rigid ideas about what

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Even More Alexander Technique Freebies

Last time I talked about the voucher system of Alexander freebies, and collecting odd moments to practice.  Today, some more freebies. Our starting question is ‘What do you learn from?’  Not “what do people in general learn from?” but “What do you

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The Alexander Technique and DIY

This is a wall.                 And these are shelves.               No, this hasn’t mysteriously changed into a DIY blog. Just bear with me a little while, and

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How to Overload the Alexander Technique

Do you know that feeling when you have a really important idea that you can not capture in anything shorter than a complete essay. Then you read, quite by accident, something by someone else that sums it up beautifully? My

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FM Alexander’s Journey

  Reality TV loves a good ‘personal journey’.  But forget histrionics for the camera – FM Alexander was there 120 years ago, very quietly transforming his life.  So what was his journey made up of, with no audience, no judges

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Improving at the Alexander Technique

I want you to stop a moment, and think about the idea of improvement. You’re reading this blog, so presumably you have an interest in improving yourself. But what does that actually mean? Put another way, how will you know

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The Alexander Technique Goes To Charm School

Can charm be taught? Hmmm. Difficult one.  Most of us would struggle even to define what it is, although we know it when we meet it.  Is it purely natural talent – something you are either born with or live

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Knitting, Crochet and Making Links

“Knowledge is of little use in itself; it is the linking up of what we know with that which comes to us daily in the shape of new ideas and new experiences which is of value”  FM Alexander(*) A few

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Even More So

How do you measure progress as a student of the Alexander Technique?   In a previous post I mentioned the moving dot.  But it’s long overdue time for another sort of measurement. So let me unroll a scenario:- A new student

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Reading the Alexander Technique

How much do you read about the Alexander Technique?  a) Loads    b) A bit    c) Nothing at all If you answered (a) – great, keep it up. If you answered (b) or (c), maybe you need to take a leaf

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