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Just Passing Through

There is a phenomenon in the Alexander Technique that pops up every once in a while. I don’t have a name for(*) it, so I’ll have to just describe it. To start with, the student has chosen their activity for

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Alexander Technique Myths Part One – A State of Collapse

There are oh-so-many myths about how we move, the way a person does what they do, and why they do it that way. Things we believe firmly, utterly and completely that aren’t actually true. Take the idea of collapsing:- You

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Who Do You Trust?

Have you ever played one of those teambuilding trust games?  The sort where you have to close your eyes and let yourself fall backwards, and trust your partner in the game to catch you.  It’s an odd sort of feeling,

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Have you ever come across this phrase?  It used to be very popular in the UK. The full version goes “Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.” It usually means that someone would rather put up with

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Avoiding Relaxation

“Relax”, “relaxing” and “relaxation” are words said often in lessons.  But not by me.  In fact, if you listen carefully, you will find me avoiding these words like the plague. Many people, Alexander teachers included, link the Alexander Technique with

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