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Stairs, Fatigue and The Monster

Going up and down stairs is difficult for a lot of people.  I see it in Alexander Technique lessons.  I also see people make it even harder for themselves. A recent lesson turned up a beautiful example. This student has

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What Sort of Alexander Technique Student Are You?

I want to tell you a story about The Sheepish Student and The Industrious Student. Once upon a time there were two students. The first student came to her lesson every week, and when the teacher asked her how she

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Just Passing Through

There is a phenomenon in the Alexander Technique that pops up every once in a while. I don’t have a name for(*) it, so I’ll have to just describe it. To start with, the student has chosen their activity for

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Subtle or Not So Subtle?

Usually when someone has an Alexander Technique lesson, they physically change.  Sometimes that change is definitely not subtle; it’s easy to see, to feel, to describe.  Other times that change is very subtle, hard to see, harder to feel, very

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Alexander Technique Myths Part Two -My Head Will Fall Off!

For the second of my Alexander Technique myths, I want you to imagine a lesson where I am working with a student on letting go of the oh-so-tense muscles in the back of their head and neck.  Imagine that this

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Being a Beginner in the Alexander Technique

Let me tell you a story.  It concerns one of my first lessons of the New Year, which happened to be a riding lesson.  We were working on letting go of unnecessary tension through my student’s lower back, hip joints

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How to learn the Alexander Technique? Incrementally.

The other morning I found myself musing on the unlikely topic of cleaning my teeth.  I was actually cleaning my teeth at the time, and, as usual, I was thinking about how I go about the process of brushing my

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The Alexander Technique Goes To Charm School

Can charm be taught? Hmmm. Difficult one.  Most of us would struggle even to define what it is, although we know it when we meet it.  Is it purely natural talent – something you are either born with or live

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Why getting it wrong was so important to the Alexander Technique

I have a multiple choice question for you. Let’s say you realise that you’ve been getting something wrong for a very long time.  Is your response most like… a) Oh no!  This is terrible!! How could I be so stupid? 

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Buffaloes in the Alexander Technique

If you watch any nature program that involves buffaloes (or bison, musk ox etc), sooner or later they will show footage of the mating season, in which two very determined animals run towards each other at great speed and DONOT

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