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Alexander Technique Myths Part One – A State of Collapse

There are oh-so-many myths about how we move, the way a person does what they do, and why they do it that way. Things we believe firmly, utterly and completely that aren’t actually true. Take the idea of collapsing:- You

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The Alexander Technique Goes To Charm School

Can charm be taught? Hmmm. Difficult one.  Most of us would struggle even to define what it is, although we know it when we meet it.  Is it purely natural talent – something you are either born with or live

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What translation has to do with the Alexander Technique

Let me make one thing clear.  I have never done Aikido.  I know nothing at all about it, beyond “It’s a martial art”.  So quite what tempted me to follow a Facebook link to an Aikido article I’m not sure.

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A Connoisseur Of Mistakes

CONNOISSEUR: a person with a well-informed knowledge and appreciation(§) Last time I talked about how you respond to “getting it wrong”, and ways of moving from option (a) “Oh no!  This is terrible!! How could I be so stupid?” to

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Why getting it wrong was so important to the Alexander Technique

I have a multiple choice question for you. Let’s say you realise that you’ve been getting something wrong for a very long time.  Is your response most like… a) Oh no!  This is terrible!! How could I be so stupid? 

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I Can’t Reach The High Notes

It’s not just singers who struggle with high notes! For the third of my mini-series looking at making the best use of what you’ve got I’m looking at musicians, particularly string players, and the issue of how to get those

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I Can’t Chop Parsnips!

Q: What has chopping parsnips got to do with the Alexander Technique? A: Everything. Q: How come? A: Because the Alexander Technique is about making the best use of what you’ve got. By which I don’t mean finishing up those

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I Can’t Reach The Shelf!

Sometimes it’s really, really important to get something down from a very high shelf.  Like here, for instance:- Assuming you’ve not gone shopping with a tall friend, what do you do?  I’ll bet you stretch and strain and struggle.  Most

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Knitting, Crochet and Making Links

“Knowledge is of little use in itself; it is the linking up of what we know with that which comes to us daily in the shape of new ideas and new experiences which is of value”  FM Alexander(*) A few

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Who Do You Trust?

Have you ever played one of those teambuilding trust games?  The sort where you have to close your eyes and let yourself fall backwards, and trust your partner in the game to catch you.  It’s an odd sort of feeling,

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