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Too Many Mince Pies?

Santa Claus eats 91.8 million mince pies every year* (or cookies, or sausages, depending on the country).  Most of us go slightly overboard when it comes to food and drink at this time of year.  Parties.  Dinners.  Family-sized tins of

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Expect the Unexpected

If you’ve ever had lessons, you will know what the Alexander Technique does for you.  Even if you’ve just read up on it, there are certain things that people talk about and write about all the time.  Better posture, less

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A Calm Centre

I want to tell you a story. Last weekend I fulfilled a long-standing ambition, and went to see my favourite violinist play.  There are other brilliant violinists out there, but for me no-one brings the same level of joy and

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A Means To An End

Sometimes blogs have partners.  Last time I took a look at ‘means’, in the sense of a method, way or procedure.  But I left out a very obvious one:-   A Means To An End  What sort of end are we talking

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Ways and Means

You hear ‘means’ a lot, used as a verb:  ‘he really means it this time’ ‘that sign means you cannot turn left’ Intends.  Signifies.  Denotes.  Conveys.  And so on. But it can also be a noun.  As in these common(ish)

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filling the kettle,  closing the curtains, pressing the remote control, turning on a tap, opening a DVD case, lighting a candle, putting up a garden chair, plugging in a drill, taking the lid off a jar, tying shoelaces, pouring milk,

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Same or Different?

FM Alexander, inventor (or discoverer, take your pick) of the Alexander Technique, described his work as “investigations in a new field of practical experimentation upon the living human being”(*). Yow!!  That sounds, well, DIFFICULT.  Most of us would hesitate to

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I don’t know what to choose!

Earlier today I came across this… My introductory group … turned out to be especially varied: a dancer exploring a leg lift, a shopkeeper concerned about his cash register manner, a salaryman fearful of his boss and a yoga exercise

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Doing and Undoing

Recently I was struck by a phrase in a book:- there is no way that you can ‘do’ an ‘undoing’ The author(*), teacher Richard Brennan is right.  From an Alexander Technique point of view, there is no way that you

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Avoiding the Trap

Last week I talked about a sneaky Alexander trap that lies in wait when you’re approaching the extreme end of any particular movement.   A long stretch, a big twist, a deep bend, take your pick.  At some point the movement

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