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Can You Really Measure It?

We are rapidly approaching THAT TIME of the year.  Tinsel, mince pies, reviews, new goals.   People think about the next twelve months, what they want to do and be, and how they might get there.   Last January I actually wrote

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The Paradox of Gripping Tightly

Imagine this scenario.  You’re doing something, and you find yourself tensing really hard. A little investigation decides it’s nothing to do with any specific activity; it’s more of a general, underlying behaviour trait.  Sounds familiar? It happens to Alexander students a

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All Sorts of Teachers

One of the things I particularly love about the Alexander Technique is the idea ‘all-round usefulness’, and the treasure trove of good and useful things to be learnt from all sorts of teachers, not just FM Alexander himself.  Provided the

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Should You Open the Can?

Last week I wrote about relaxation; and why it is such a can of worms I avoid the word like the plague. I got back this from one of my students:(*) I can see why you want to avoid words

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Avoiding Relaxation

“Relax”, “relaxing” and “relaxation” are words said often in lessons.  But not by me.  In fact, if you listen carefully, you will find me avoiding these words like the plague. Many people, Alexander teachers included, link the Alexander Technique with

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Learning Like an Owl

So how do owls learn? A biologist at Stanford University named Eric Knudsen has done a number of experiments on owls.  He successfully proved that owls use a combination of sound and vision to create a map of their world

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Getting Out of the Car

I’ve been thinking a lot about getting out of my car just lately.  No special reason, just a great lesson that stayed with me.  We stuck to the usual Alexander process, we reasoned out what you need to do, we

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Have you ever found it hard to maintain your Alexander thinking?(*).   You’re going along just fine, your thinking is in good shape, then something happens and it just seems to blow your Alexander thinking way off course. The analogy I

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‘A’ is for Progress

There is a point in every student’s Alexander progress when they start gnashing their teeth in frustration.  The reason?  They remember their Alexander thinking too late.  Now I know you always get another chance, the very next time you repeat

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